June 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: June 8th

Its the first full week of summer and my fridge is empty!  Oops.  I will see if I can make it tomorrow.  The boys have eaten up the last of everything I had in the pantry, so I supposed I have to go.  Not being able to just get up and go is hard.  Having to ask someone to drive you and work around their schedule is such a pain. But I am beyond thankful for my MIL who lives 2 blocks away and is usually always able to take me.

The second problem I have is nothing sounds good.  Yeah.  Its one of those weeks again. I have zero appetite and just eat whatever because its there.  Its so hard to come up with a menu when you just dont even feel like eating. But the guys must eat so I must cook!  I let them come up with most of it though.  I just couldn't.

Tonight I make baked chicken with roasted potatoes and corn.

I still have leftover chicken that I need to do something with tomorrow.

David said this Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole looked good the other night when he was watching me scroll though Pinterest.

He also asked for spaghetti.  Gross, but I will make what ever the want. Might end up just eating the french bread.

The boys want chicken sandwiches and salads.  Easy enough.

And thats about as far as I got tonight.  Its almost 1am and I still got nothing.  So Im going to wing it and come up with something when I get to the store.  Who knows what I would come up with.



  1. I'm getting sick of cooking, let alone trying to be inventive and out of my usual comfort zone.

    1. yup. Not feeling very creative at all. And Pinterest isn't helping with all the amazing looking deserts