June 3, 2015

Hello Summer

I'm not going to lie.  Yesterday when we sat down for dinner I was prepared for more deep thoughts and life challenging questions.  Dinner time around here is never boring.  But they traded in their usual questions and suggested I grab a pen and paper instead. This scared me.  And rightfully so, they wanted me to write down their Summer Bucket List. And its a long one!


Most of the list are things that I knew would be there.  Like Swimming, because during the summer we are fish! There was also sleepovers, the beach, BBQ with friends, bike rides and movie nights.

But then they shock me with things like having a lemonade stand and donating the money to the Dane Rescue. They also asked to take gifts to our neighbors, Volunteer somewhere new, pen pals and take a road trip to Dallas.  They want to have Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner and they want to serve them like they are in a restaurant.  And they asked to visit the library every week!

This summer is kind of a big one.  The little one made it through Kinder and is on his first summer break.  Ant is going into his final year of Elementary School next year.  It will be their last year in the same school ever again. After that, life will be even crazier.  So I'm planning on making this a summer to remember.  Even if it close to kills me.  Which it probably will, it is going to be worth it all!

I added a few things to the list too.  I want to plant something together.  And go to pick something as well. There are a few fruit farms not to far from us.  Family photos make our summer list every year but never get done.  Oh its on this year!  Camping too!  I don't even care if its only in the back yard. And what is summer with out baseball.  The Missions games are always a blast!


There will be s'mores, water balloons, picnics and hiking.  Slip n Slides, otter pops, parks and kite flying.  So much to do!  Summer Break seems like a long time and I know there are going to be days I miss them being in school but I am determined to make it the best summer so far.  Nothing is going to stop us!  Except the ice cream truck.  We will stop for that!

What are your summer plans?  Is there anything we should add to the list?  There is always room for more fun, so let me hear it!

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Your children sound pretty incredible and thoughtful of others. They seem like selfless little boys and you don't see that much these days. Kids nowadays are spoiled rotten and have no concept of giving to others or being selfless.
    This is so refreshing to read. :)

    Have a great one hun!

    1. I will admit they have their rotten days, but they are also held to pretty high standards. I have had so many people tell me that I am to hard on them and am always on their butts, but then they are amazed at their behavior. If I fail at ever other point of parenting, my kids will at least be compassionate and well mannered! LOL