June 20, 2014

DIY Fly Trap.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love the summer heat.  I love sitting out in the back yard with the warm sun on me.  I love having picnics and dinner on the patio.  But I HATE the flies!  They are everywhere. Now I grew up on a tiny island in the pacific.  I am no stranger to the pesky little things.  They used to have these huge metal fly trap boxes at the beach that they would put squid in to attract the flies to. Not only were they an eyesore but the smell was beyond horrible.

So when I noticed the flies starting gather out back, I knew I needed to find away to get rid of them, that would not make my stomach turn.  So I hit up the Googles and found this DIY: Organic Fly Trap. I thought it was perfect.  It was easy, safe for the dogs and boys to be around and no awful smell.  There is no shortage of water bottles around here.  Don't worry, we recycle :)

You will need just a few things and you probably already have them on hand.


Carefully cut off the top 1/3rd of the bottle.  Don't cut to high otherwise the top will just fall in when you turn it upside down.


Snip of any super sharp edges.  But no need to let the OCD kick in, when you tape it up, the edges will all be covered.


Pour in some of the corn syrup.  No need to fill it up.  Just a half inch or so.  You can tilt the bottle to bring the syrup up the sides of the bottle too.


Drop in a piece of banana. Don't worry if you happen to drop it on the patio like I did.  The flies don't care! I promise you!  You can even drop a piece of banana peel.  They aren't picky!


Now all you have to do is turn the top piece upside down, drop it in and tape the two together.  I used clear tape today, but I've used others.  Flies don't judge.


As soon as I finished taping it all together, I set it in the middle of the table and let the magic happen. This was no more than 5 minutes later.  And when I moved it, the flies hung on for dear life.  They were determined to get in there.  Within an hour it was quite a party in there.  Eventually the flies will tire and fall into the corn syrup.  When its full or you are just so amazed and cant stand to see all the flies in the bottle just toss it in a bag and into the trash!


I am sure you could to this with a larger bottle.  Like a 2 liter.  Just use a little more syrup.  Easy peasy right? Don't let the flies keep up inside this summer!  Take a few minutes and make a few of these.  Also, don't put them to close to your doors, they will abandon the mission for the A/C!  Trust me!

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