June 26, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W25} #happinessis

So I woke up this morning, finished the new Janet Evanovich book, had a slice of pizza and sat down at the computer to renew our licenses.  Well Davids.  I only have an ID.  But then I glanced down at the little clock and date on the bottom of the screen and though "oh crap its already Thursday?!"

Im consistent at one thing.  Island time.  So here I am posting a day late,  again....But I bring happiness so deal with it :)

Happiness is

Two wore out boys.  OK, I do feel a little bad for the horrible sleeping conditions.  But they boy promised they were not tired and thankfully I only needed a few things.  But I was able to get in and get it done quick. The fell asleep before we even got it the store.


Happiness is scaring the life out of my baby sister by snapchatting her with a mask on.  In the middle of the night.  Fun stuff!


Happiness is more watermelon.  What is better in the hot sun that some cold and juicy melon?!  Not much!


Happiness is more pool time.  This time with Uncle Lester.  Even better!


Happiness is Sea World.  More pictures to come of this too :)


Happiness is a box full of dog goodies for the boys!  Seriously, Klout has been really good to them!


Happiness is only having to tell them once.  Well actually I only asked Chico to sit, but the others are such good listener!  Haha!


Happiness is another great Bountiful Basket!  Even if half of it is already gone!


So there it is.  A little late but lots of happiness.  I will share more photos later.  We had a great weekend with my brother here.  And I am already working on next weeks posts because this week has been pretty awesome too.  Im waiting for some test results that I am having faith in and a certain dog has his first official adoption event Saturday.  Throw in a Friday night gathering and there is bound to be some good times to share!

Until then stop by and see what happiness others are sharing over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting!  Much love!

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