June 4, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W22} #happinessis

Guess what?  Its Wednesday and you know what that means right?  One more day of school!  Oh and its time for some happiness.  They are kinda the same thing right!  So here we go.

Happiness is starting the day with a book and a nice breeze.


Happiness is ending the day with a little peace in quiet.


Happiness is a win for the San Antonio Spurs!  Go Spurs Go!


Happiness is getting in the car and driving.  I love weekend drives!


Happiness is a new park and finding a place to fish. I wanted to come check it out because it was supposed to have a place to drop a kayak in and I have been dreaming of kayaking!. Didn't see one though...


Happiness is shaking up your own ice cream and man can this kid shake it!


Happiness is my first Bountiful Basket.  Its Wednesday and I've already gone though more than half of this all. A certain boy ate all the blackberries!


Happiness is a boy who loves the water almost as much as I do!


Happiness is finally being able to dunk!  Its on the lowest level, but hey, a dunk is a dunk!


This last week of school has flown right by.  I'm looking forward to what happiness we can find next week. What ever it may be I am hoping for a lot of sunshine and water!  What is the happiest part of your summer plans?  Id love to hear about it.  And don't forget to stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what happiness others are sharing too!


  1. SPURS ALL DAY, BABY! I really want to try that shakey ice cream, too. And oooh, you got that Bountiful Basket - how is that? I've been wanting to try it myself!

    1. Lisa, I love the bountiful basket and plan on buying them regularly. It got so much for $15. But the boys are going though it like crazy. Guess that's a good thing right :) The shake ice cream was so easy and the boys didn't believe me that it would work! Love when I'm right!!