February 12, 2014

My #SA2020 Resolutions

I know I said no resolutions, but then Colleen from San Antonio Mom Blogs shared her Resolution to visit 20 parks this year, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun.  At first I was nervous to join because I had wanted to stay away from "resolutions".  But this was something that I could totally do.  So I signed up.  And joined Colleen.  Then I joined a few others just because.  Go big or go home?!  I have 10 and a half months to do it.  I got this...yes, I GOT THIS!

First up.  Resolve to visit 20 parks.  Because who doesn't love going to the park?  We do.  Mostly because its free fun.  And there is no shortage of parks in this city. We already have a few parks in mind but they are all on the other side of town.  That just makes it more of an adventure right!

Next.  Resolve to walk more.  Lord knows I need to do this.  My fit bit has logged more sleep what steps and that's saying ALOT!  I am not proud of that at all.  Plus poor Poncho is putting on weight too.  I guess its time to face his leash issues and work them out.  I miss taking him for walks.  We also just sold our playground from the back yard.  So now I will have to take Alex to the community park down the road a few times a week.  That should help too!

Third is resolve to volunteer.  I used to think that being a foster was enough for me.  But I need to step it up this year.  Today I put my big girl pants on and sent in my application to volunteer at the local shelter.  If you haven't noticed yet, I love animals.  My dogs are my family.  San Antonio shelters and rescues are over flowing and I want to help anyway I can.  I may be having a panic attack now though.  Did I really just do it? Yikes.  Excited but nervous.

It doesn't seem like to much right.  All things I had planned on working on anyways so it should be easy to just push myself a little more to make sure I don't slack off half way though the year.

If you are wondering what is SA2020 check it out here.  I will be honest.  We moved here in 2007 and I am just now falling in love with our city.  I used to think there was never anything to do here.  Big thanks to the amazing group of local bloggers who have opened my eyes to all that the city has to offer. There is always something going on.  I've always wanted to live in a close knit town.  Where people are friendly and always out and about.  Where my kids always have something to do, places to play and family adventures are never ending.  There is still so much Id like to see in our city and SA2020 just goes to show that I am not the only one who wants these things.  "A community vision for the future of San Antonio"  A future that my family will be a part of.


  1. Love this! Hope we can meet up on some of those Park visits :)
    And you would do awesome at a local pet shelter. You always inspire me

    1. Alvina! I would love that. What parks are close by you? We are planning a trip to the duck pond soon, have you been? ;)