February 12, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W6} #happinessis

Happiness is walking under this hoop every morning and feeling the need to jump and try to touch the net.  I dont know why.  Maybe its a short girl thing.  And the best part is when its lowered I can actually reach it!  I always smile when I go under it though.

Happiness is watching this boy and his imagination at work. Pure happiness. 

Happiness is knowing that the boys can live without their electronics and that I did not crumble under all the begging and bribery they tried on me.  

Happiness is snuggling up with these two and watching old school Disney.  Guess that movie!!

Happiness is Soccer.  We were freezing on the sidelines, but Anthony was so happy to be back in action!

Happiness is these three piled up even though everyone has their own bed.  When we left, they killed the bed.  It litterally exploded in my kitchen.  Happiness is also knowing to walk away and cound to ten. And sharing on FB and seeing everyone else get a kick out of it too! If you missed it, check out the after picture HERE!

Happiness is a hubby who knows when I'm having a horrible day and brings me home a soda and chocolate.  After a day like yesterday, I deserved a little caffeine!  Don't judge me :)

Happiness is found in all things big and small.  I like to believe that there is a bright side to everything. What made you smile this week?  Stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what is making others happy!  Much love.  Smile! The week is halfway over!

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  1. OMGosh I love this so much! You make me wanna jump up to touch a hoop now (the neighbors have one outside)! And we watched Ariel the other day, too!!!!

    HOLY COW on the dog bed, that's AWFUL! What happened - did they tear it up, or it split and they went nuts?

    BTW, I'm a sucker for a sip or two of Dr. Pepper, too. My favorite is actually Mr. Pibb :)