February 19, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W7} #happinessis

If I was being 100% honest, I would say that at first I thought I was going to struggle with this post.  I have been beyond stressed, overwhelmed, bitter and flat out uh happy.  Its been a rough couple of days and I was thinking I would skip this week because I couldn't thing of happy stuff.  Then I scrolled though my photos and this is what I found. Happiness. 

Sometimes I get so annoyed when I have to have labs drawn.  Monthly, sometimes weekly.  I have to bother someone to take me there and then wait.  I'm so over it.  Like four years ago.  But Happiness is when the doc calls and says my numbers are perfect.

Happiness is knowing that even though there are days I would rock the heck out of a wheelchair, I am well enough to walk. Even if its only for short distances.  My energy has been hard to find these days, but so far its been pretty manageable.  

Happiness is fresh air and the smell of soccer :)  And also seeing this little guy boot the ball like a champ!

Happiness is a beautiful start to a day that was less than.  I don't know how many times I tell myself "at least the day started out beautiful!" 

Happiness is hospital cafeteria food. So often I worry that I scar the boys with so many trips to the hospital.  But they love it there.  It makes me sad that its such a normal thing for them.  But I am glad they are understanding and that they don't mind going.  Especially if Grandmas taking them to get some food.  

Happiness is trying a new place.  Even if it was awful.  I will just stick to my sausage and bean tacos.  But we actually tried something different for a change!

Happiness is having boys that love food I ate growing up.  So many kids turn up their noses to things like Musubi (rice and spam wrapped in seaweed), smoked oysters and octopus.  Its not very often we make them, but when we do, there are smiles all around!

Happiness is the love these two have for each other.  Chico is 13 years old. Hes feisty, yappy, grumpy yet full of love.  He hasn't been feeling so great lately and Poncho knows just what he needs.  Some good old cuddling!

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that there is so much more to be happy about than for me to fuss about. Yes sometimes I want to thrown my hands up and quit. I scream and cry and feel sorry for myself.  But even on the worst days, there is something to smile about.  Something that makes me happy, even if just for a minute.  Stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and share in the happiness!  


  1. Fantastic post! And THIS is exactly why I started Happiness is.. because we all have bad weeks and days, but it's nice to reign ourselves and keep ourselves in check when we force to see all the positive and happy that still occurs during the bad. Some weeks, I just want to forget to post, but I don't, because then all the good that would have happened might go unnoticed.. or uncelebrated. And I can't let that happen. Bring on the happy!!!

    Hugs to you, sweetheart. Here's to hoping next week is better. <3

    1. Thank you Lisa for giving me somewhere to share it and for understanding the good with the bad. Its amazing how much light you can find if you just look for it.