February 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: February 24th

Its officially soccer season and with practice three days a week, things are going to get interesting with dinners.  Anthony can't handle anything to filling before practice and by the time we get home its 8pm and he is ready for bed.  I think next week I am going to pack him food to eat on the way home so he can just hit the shower and then bed.  But for this week, as usual, its nice and easy dinners.

TBD?  I still have no idea what I'm making for dinner tonight.  We are supposed to have practice, my fridge is just about empty.  So who knows. If we make it to practice we will stop by the store and pick something up on the way home.  Otherwise we will just have to skip practice and go shopping.  Fingers crossed for rain!!

I have been wanting to try the Steak Carnita Tacos forever but I swear there is never any flank steak when I need it. That is why I usually grab an extra pack when I do see it.  And that's also what I get for going to Walmart instead of HEB.  Because HEB has just about everything. 

Anthony will be learning how to make the sausage, rice and corn this week.  Its super easy.  Just something my MIL makes that my family cant ever seem to get enough of.  This week he will get to use a "bigger" knife to cut the sausage.  He will also learn how to make rice.  I love having them in my kitchen with me.

David has been bugging me for blueberry pancakes and since we are on our best behavior and trying to avoid fast food, this means a trip to Ihop is out.  I think I will make him help me. That would be fun. I think...

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