December 4, 2013

Happiness is ______ {Week 27} #happinessis

We spent the last few days doing a whole lot of relaxing.   My oldest brother flew down to spend the holiday with us and we were all so glad to have him.  I really hope we didn't bore the heck out of him, because we are home bodies and unless its soccer season, there isn't a whole bunch going on around here.  Lets just say he got lots of rest here!  But we did fit in a few adventures this weekend. The tree lighting and the Zoo!

Happiness is a boat load of food and lots of full bellies!


Happiness is a mesmerized 4 year old.  He loved this guy! His smile when this dinosaur opens his mouth and growls...


We also managed to miss the tree lighting ceremony by a few minutes, thanks the insane lack of parking.  But...

Happiness is light up swords!


The next day we hit up the San Antonio Zoo. 

Happiness is new additions!  (Love the name Sarabi.  Name that movie...)


Happiness is Tadpoles.  Anthony just got some as class pets so he had lots of information for me!


Happiness is Alex excitedly telling everyone just how much an elephant can weigh. Seven slugbugs yall!  7!


Happiness is just wanting one nice picture...


Seriously.  Just one!


Happiness is my favorite part of the whole Zoo.  The Snake house :)


Happiness is a day spent with my family.  At a place we all love.  I cant wait to see all the new additions when they are finished!


Happiness is staying up a little late to finish some puzzles with Uncle Lester before he left.


Happiness was just having my brother and sister here with us for the holiday. I'm so glad he chose to spend my favorite holiday with us and the boys soaked up every minute with him!  Be sure to stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what happiness others are sharing!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend! 


  1. So so very sweet, sweetie!! Love your turkey day spread. And OMG with the muscle pics LOL Love boys :)