June 5, 2013

Happiness is __________{week 12} #happinessis

I am linking up today with Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting and sharing what Happiness is for me.  And aside from yesterdays post, there has been lots of happiness going on around here!

Happiness is having kids in the kitchen!  Growing up, veggies were always my job while dad cooked and I love when these guys help me out.


Together we made a meal we all enjoyed.  Lex at a whole fillet of fish plus another half! Ant chose to have leftovers for dinner the next night!


Happiness is knowing I am capable of fixing things around the house.  Even if I broke it even more before I finally got it fixed!


Happiness is bringing this beautiful girl home and helping her find her forever home!  Meet our foster dog, Haiku! Anyone looking to add another 4 legs to the family?  She is sweet as can be and just beautiful!


Happiness is knowing that I am making progress in my runs.  I used to only be able to get a mile or two in a week before the pain and fatigue took over.  Now I am getting in 1-3 miles a run.  


And last but not at all least, is finding this guys sleeping just like he did when he was a baby.  Like a turtle.  It was a reminder of how far we have come.  How much we have all grown. Still a few miles behind Lisa!


What made you happy this week?  Don't forget to stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what is making others happy!


  1. WOOHOOO!!! Getchyo run on, girl! I'm always bad about remembering to add them lol! And that meal looks AWESOME!!! I'm a Ms. Fix It, too :)

    1. There is something about wiring light fixtures and putting furniture together that is calming to me! I felt a little stalkerish when I realized you were on that picture. I promise I'm not a crazy :)

  2. Ahhhhh, look at the little boy. So sweet! He's balled up like a wee little baby. Love it!

    Congrats on the training! You go!

    Looks like you are feeling good and are in good spirits. Good for you!

    1. Thank You Lisa. I had to make sure I was replying to the right Lisa :) When he sleeps like that it takes me right back to when we just brought him home and he insisted on being tucked in like that. Bittersweet!