May 7, 2013

Red flags and alarms.

Lots of little red flags going up over the past few days.  My balance is off.  Nosebleeds.  Head and muscle aches.  Fatigue. Loss of appetite. Last week was rough.  Saturday was better, and Sunday I felt amazing.  But come Monday, I was nervous.  I had to literally roll out of bed.  Managed to get lunch pack and Anthony to the bus stop on time.  Luckily David was going in late so I was able to rest until noonish.  But by the time he left at 2 I wanted to beg him to stay.  I have always been so good at sucking it up.  Yesterday I just couldn't.  

Luckily for me my boys are amazing when it comes to mom having a bad day.  Alexander cuddled in bed with me until my alarm went off to go to the bus stop.  So off we went, still in our pajamas.  You couldn't have paid me to get out of my sweats yesterday.  Got home just in time to bleed out of my face and get back it bed.  The boys hung out with me for a while.  I got a foot rub from one and the other made a fan to fan me with.  They really know how to treat a woman!  After a good 30 minuet rest until another alarm reminded me that I had to get up to make dinner.  I made some dessert.  The boys played for a while until another alarm rang out.  "Meds!"  The boys call out to remind me to take them.  This also meant bath time.  Another alarm at 7:45 sends Anthony to bed. Sweet Dreams!  Can you believe they went a whole day with NO fighting.  Thank the Lord for that! Alexander and I crawled back into bed at 10.  He passed out and I stayed up for a few more hours.  Big mistake.

This morning, I heard my alarm go off.  I hit snooze and closed my eyes for a little longer.  Then I got up and went to the bathroom.  I sat on the side of the tub and looked down at my phone.  6:39.  WHAT?  Then the alarm to go to the bus stop went off.  A ran to Anthonys room.  He was snoring away!  Talk about a rude awakening.  We rush but there was no way we were going to make it.  So we just slowed down.  Today he has a big reading test, so I'm hoping that the extra 30 mins of sleep will help.  The walk to school sure woke him up.  He was full of questions this morning though.  We walked and talked about why I didn't feel good.  Poor kid apologized for sleeping in and me having to walk him to school.  I explained that I should have been up earlier so he was not at all to blame.  It actually ended up being a great conversation and hopefully he has a better understanding of my being sick but not looking sick.  Ill save the deets for another post though.  It deserves it!  

Now to finish my grocery list and see who can take me shopping.  Just another reminder that I am unable to do things for myself.  But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I am going remind myself of how blessed I am to have people here who are willing to help.  You have to look on the bright side.  Otherwise life will swallow you up!  Here is to hoping the week only gets better!  Much love!

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