May 10, 2013

Why I love Mothers Day: Pt1


I remember sitting in that worn out rocking chair.  Nervous, excited and scared out of my mind. But the second the nurse laid you in my arms my whole world changed.  Right there, that very second, I was instantly filled with so much love I though I would explode.  Your jet black hair peeking out from under your tiny little hat.   Lips just like your daddy.  I was sad that I was going to have to wait another year to celebrate Mothers Day.  But I didn't have to wait, because that day, I became a mom.  That is the day I celebrate being a mom.  Yes today is Mothers Day.  Its marked in calendars and people buy flowers and chocolates.  But me, I'm content just having you by my side.  Seeing you smile and listening to you laugh.  That is better than any piece of jewelry. I cant imagine a life with out you.


You were in such a rush to be born.  You are in such a rush now to grow up.  Slow down son! Watching you grow up in the boy you are today has been amazing.  Sometimes at night I look at all our old videos of you.  You used to be so shy.  Your raspy morning voice always makes me smile.  Your facial expressions, the way you smell everything, your laugh, the way you hug me even when you are mad at me.  Please don't ever stop.  You are you.  I love that most about you.

You know what else I love about you?  You challenge me.  OK sometimes it might not seem like I like it, but I promise, I do.  You push me to be a better mom.  You have no shame in calling out my flaws and telling me straight what I am doing wrong.  We butt heads A LOT.  And sometimes that leads to hurt feelings.  But and the end of the day you are my baby.  I love you.  And there is nothing in this world that will ever change that.

There is no denying it!

I am so thankful to celebrate Mothers Day with you because you were the one that started it all. You make me a better mother and a better person.  I hope one day I am able to make you truly understand that.  I love you sweet boy!

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