May 3, 2013

Oh Friday!

Am I the only one around here just dying for summer to be here already.  The past few weeks it seems like everything just got harder.  Waking up, cleaning, homework, cooking, sleeping... I could go on and on.  Its like a race to a finish line that seems to be moving farther away.  Its not really, I'm just being dramatic.

Anyways, its Friday again and I am so excited.  I'm not really sure why yet, but not having to get up at 6am sounds like a nice place to start. Tomorrow will be interesting.  The AC on the van is out, so its going to the shop.  I am going to be volunteering at an event for the soccer team. Concessions anyone.  That should be fun, I think.  And I have jumped back on the healthy eating train.  Which I fell off of a while back.  Got stuck on a wheel and just kept going around and around.  Horrible.

Yesterday I decided to join some friends who are doing a health challenge.  Guess what.  Mom made a bucket full of cookies the day before, my sister baked a double chocolate cake and we got some chocolate flan from my friend.  She got it from her neighbor after I have given her half a cake and some cookies so they would be out of my house.  Now a 1/4 of that flan is in my fridge. Lord help me.  This is the exact reason why I never buy snacks and sodas.  If they are there, I can't resist.  The sodas that my mom bought last week are finally gone.  And while I am not usually a chocolate person, the cake was really good.  I had a few bites off the boys slice.  Hangs head in shame.  I do have to admit, I am not one to just cut things out.  I'm more of a healthy proportions and snacks kinda girl.  When I deny myself things, I only want them more.

Hopefully sometime this weekend we will be able to get out for a good long walk with the dog.  Maybe explore some of the trails behind our community.  I've always wondered whats back there.  I also checked out some more cookbooks from the library, so grocery shopping on Sunday will be fun.  Pretty much the plan for the weekend is to move more and eat less junk.  And the fact that I am excited about that means only good things will come of it!

Anyone have any plans for the weekend?  Its been cold here the past 2 days so fingers are crossed for warm air and sunny skies! Have a great one!

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  1. We had Abby's birthday party today so we are loaded with sweets (even gluten-free onest!) And while I've been so nauseated lately I haven't cared to eat much I know that i have to get these treats gone or else i'll be eating chocolate cake for breakfast all week :) i was hoping for warm weather and some sun today too but unfortuntely it was cloudy, cold, and windy! No outdoor party :( 'where is the spring weather hiding?