March 26, 2013

Its been a while...

I have been so busy trying to settle into our new routine that its gotten a little dusty around here.  But I'm back and things are about to change.  I have so much to share, but trying to find the time to sit and write it out is proving hard  to do. Today is an off day and I am planting my butt down and getting a few posts knocked out...hopefully.

How do soccer moms (or any sport parents) get anything done?  Last weekend we had games both Saturday and Sunday.  Practice is Monday and Wednesday from 6-7:30.  We are late dinner eaters, so on practice days we eat super early so that everything can settle before Ant goes running around.  And of course by the time we get home, its past bedtime and he is starving again.  I swear these boys would eat the walls of this house if they could.  Growing boys have big appetites.  My 4 year old polished off 2 apples and a snack pack of cheerios the other day and still ate dinner.  Tell me my boys aren't the only ones who eat like this!

I'm still trying to figure out if its a positive or negative but David's hours finally got cut back and OMG he has been home before bedtime every day last week.  Life is so much easier with him going in a little later and coming home in time to see the boys before they go to bed.   But his hours have been pretty much cut in half.   So there's the negative.  I'm not sure how we will manage, but in his words "We will figure it out!"

Last week a high school friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to Skype with her college class and do a Q&A kind of thing with her students who are currently studying hematology.  I reminded her of how awful I was at doing things like this back in school and she reassured me it wouldn't be so bad.  I'm excited and nervous all in one.  I keep asking myself what could they possible want to know.  I guess I will find out on Thursday!

I was horrible about menu planning this week.  That explains why there was no post yesterday.  I'm keeping it really simple this week with some quick family favorites.

Monday- Spaghetti and Salad
Tuesday- Spanish Rice, Chicken, Beans and Salad!
Wednesday- Tacos using leftovers from Tuesday.
Thursday- Lady and Sons Porkchops, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob
Friday- Its Good Friday, and David is off so I didn't plan anything yet...

And now I'm calling it a night.  Its been a long tiring day and I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be any different.  Here's to a great Wednesday!  Much love

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  1. soccer mom seems like a lot of work, but must feel awesome at the same time