March 28, 2013

My first "live" Q&A!

I always tell myself that each month I have to step out of my comfort zone at least once.  Do something different and new.  Something that gets my blood pumping.  That's always a good thing right?  So when my friend Cody asked me to speak to her class, I agreed.  Let me just say, nervous doesn't even cover it.  Cody and I went to school together.  She looks exactly the same too!  Just for fun, here we are.  Class of 2000!!

Class of 2000

I sat here for 30 minuets trying to pump myself up and calm my nerves.  It was so much easier having a familiar face there when the video started.  I may or may not have laughed way to much, sorry guys, I'm a nervous laugh-er.  Its laugh or cry for me.  And I wasn't about to cry.  Thankfully there was not as many people as I was thinking there would be and I actually had a lot of fun. I hope it helped them.  I know it helped me.  Someday I want to be able to stand on a stage and tell my whole story with out feeling sick to my stomach.  I can write it all out here but once there are people looking back at me, my palms start sweating.  They had some really good questions though.  And I answered the best I can.  

It also reminded me that I started this blog to share more about my life and what its like living on the transplant list.  I've been horrible at that.  But I'm refocused and ready to roll.  Next month is The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  So I have already started my 30 posts for the month.  Plus a few other fun things, so I will be hanging out here more often.

I wanted to take some pictures while I was talking, but I also didn't wan to look crazy.  If anyone on the other side got a picture of me I'll trade you for a Hope for Kim Bracelet :)  My sister got a shot of me though.  Thanks Bug.  And a big Thanks to Cody and the class for having me and for all the great questions. If you are reading this and think of any more, feel free to ask!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far, its sprinkling and gloomy outside. But its better than the cold that blew through the past few days.

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  1. Thats awesome that you shared with others. total proud moment on your part for doing something outside of your comfort zone :)