March 13, 2013

Happiness is ______ {Week 10}

I'm linking up with Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting and sharing what Happiness is to me.  Stop by and see what is making others happy and join the fun!

More words than pictures this week.  But that is because most of the happiness is in my heart.  If I could take a photo of it all I would.  I would love to share this all with you.  Hopefully my words will be enough.  So what is happiness?

Happiness is having someone think of you out of the blue.  It is words of encouragement from old teachers.  And letters from childhood friends.  Happiness is someone reaching out and thinking of us when they needed an extra player for their soccer team.  And I am even happier that there is a scholarship program that allows us to play for free.  I don't know if they know just how much of a blessing this is for us.  Happiness is having someone tell you that for their one year cancer remission party they have asked for donations to my transplant fun instead of presents.  I know such giving and thoughtful people.

Happiness if being married to a man who can find you in the darkest of hours and bring you back with a smile.  Over the last month the guilt over not being able to work and do things that other moms can do has been wearing on my heart.  Bills are piling up and David has been busting his butt at work.  But it seems there is never enough money.  Last week our roof was damaged from a wind storm that blew though.  Monday night the roof we were quoted $400 to fix it.  That was my breaking point and by the end of the night I was doing the ugly cry.  David sat next to me on the couch and promised that everything would be OK   Happiness is having someone who loves you regardless of all your drama.  Though tears and anger.  Who can see when something is wrong no matter how hard you try to hide it.  Happiness is knowing he loves me for me.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Happiness is seeing my baby play soccer for the first time.  Hes so tiny out there but is working really hard.  I have been having so much fun practicing with him.  He is up every morning and ready to go.


Happiness is the both of us getting back good lab results.  A few weeks ago when David was sick his labs revealed high liver enzymes but the recheck was just find!  Thank God!  My INR was at 3.1 and I don't have to go back to two weeks.  YAY!


And this little man was beyond happy to get his soccer uniform. Even better was having our favorite # on the back! Go #28!


Despite all the stress and tears this week brought on, I'm sitting here smiling.  Through it all, I know that I am blessed.  Surrounded by love.  And happy!

Wishing you all a little happiness this week!  Much love!


  1. I love this so much, Kim! He looks SO SWEET in his uniform!

    1. Thanks Lisa, we were all worried he wouldn't even fit in it! Its a little big but according to him, he can rock it! HAHAHA!!

  2. This is a fantastic post! It's so heartfelt.

  3. That's also a cool pose there, two thumbs pointing to his number...even if the uniform is a little bit but not really too big, he really totally rocks it!
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