March 9, 2013

Me, A soccer mom?!

Last night I took a big leap of faith.  If you can call it faith.  Mostly I just realized that I was letting my being sick hold back not only me, but my kids.  A lot of things have changed in the last few weeks that helped me realize on of my greatest fears.  I was using being sick as an excuse.  My plan to live life as normal as I could got lost along the way.  But, Lord help me, because its all about to change and I am going to do my best to embrace it.

A few days ago one of the moms from school asked me if Anthony would want to play soccer.  My first thought was that there was no way.  I can't drive him to and from practices and games.  But David and I have been talking about it all year and we knew he needed to get out and play something.  So I brought it up to David and he was all in.  Talking about how we will "figure it out".  I cringe every time he says that. Because I'm so afraid we won't be able to and it will be because of me.  It is always the first thought that comes to me.  But on of the moms on the team offered to help with practices.  She offered to pick him up and drop him off when ever she can.  And my MIL said she will drive us as well.  I am so beyond blessed with such amazing people in my life.  Sometimes its hard to accept the help.  Or ask for it.  But like I said I am trying.

Today Anthony had his first game.  He didn't get to play because his uniform is not in yet, but he got to sit and watch with one of the coaches who explained the game.  Today we went out and got him some cleats, shin guards and a new ball. And I won't lie.  I may have been more excited than he was.  Soccer was my game growing up.  I'm super excited that it will be the first sport he plays.  He went to bed excited about practicing tomorrow.  So I guess that means I should be getting to sleep soon.  I am willing to put $10 on Anthony waking up at the crack of dawn.  But, this soccer mom is ready.  Bring it!


  1. That is awesome! Hope he has fun playing

    1. Thanks Alvina! He has his first practice today and I think it might be a bit of a shock to him how much different it is from just playing in the backyard! LOL

  2. Go MOM! Love this post. GO Team GO!