October 30, 2012

Halloween Blues

What is it about this Halloween that I just cant get pumped up.  The boys didn't really want to dress up so we are going with pretty simple costumes.  They want to be zombies.  But Alex also wants to be a soldier, so dead soldier guy it is.  They also asked me to carve two pumpkins that we have done in the years past.  Speaking of pumpkins...I only have 2 this year.  Compared to the 8 I did last year.  We also never colored any because it was to "boring" and for babies.  Just can win this year.  I look forward to handing out candy for once though, since the boys only want to go down the street and back to trick or treat.

My love is still burning for Thanksgiving though.  My sister made a new stuffing tonight and we talked about what we want to change.  We don't have many heirloom recipes.  You would think with such an amazing cook for a dad we would, but he always changed things up each year.  What do you have on your table for thanksgiving?

This year I am expecting to have a few more people at the table.  So I want to add a dish or two.  The boys loved a sweet potato casserole I made a while back so that will be there.  I'm also not a fan of the traditional green bean, so I on the hunt for a replacement.  I will also have to think about drinks.  One thing my dad always made us kids growing up was cranberry juice and gingerale with orange juice ice cubes.  And we got to drink it in real glasses so we really love it.  I still make that for the boys.  Haven't had a Thanksgiving with out it.  

**November is National Health Blog Post month, so I will be posting something every day.  I also have a lot of Holiday fun to share too. So be warned!**

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