October 14, 2012

Donate Life Walk 2012

The weekend seem to be getting shorter and shorter.  But we still rocked it! Saturday was the Donate Life/Vital Alliance 5K.  The first year it was just David, Alex and I.  Last year my sweet friend Stacy joined Melisa and I and this year we started team Hope.  Melisa brought some of her friends.  Anthony walked with me this time and Stacy and her kids came too!  And it was really nice to have my brother and a friend from home there with me too.  Thanks Michelle for driving down from Austin to join us!  We have big ideas for next year and I cant wait.

Before we started we were standing around taking in the huge turnout.  People come out with their dogs, huge teams with matching shirts and some with banners and signs.  David said it seemed like everyone was walking for someone who had passed away and pointed out that we seemed like the odd man out.  Its true, there were huge posters up where you were asked to write the reason you were there and most were in memory of a people who donated.  But I heard a few others talking about how transplant saved them or their loved ones.  Its amazing to see so many people come together to support something so important.  David also pointed out that its not nearly as well known as it should be.  When you say awareness bands and runs, most people think of Livestrong and Susan G Komen.  But what about us?  What about the 116,056 people (as of today 1:32pm) waiting for a miracle?  The truth is, so many people just don't know about organ donation and what little they do know is incorrect.  And that is why we show up and walk and share our stories to anyone who will listen.  We educate those who don't know.  We share hope with those that are waiting and we give thanks to those who have or are willing to be donors!

Thank you to those that donated and an extra big hug and thanks to Team Hope.  Knowing that I have people who are willing to walk with me though this journey make it that much easier.  It makes me that much stronger and fills me with hope.  It also reminds me to share more with you all about my condition, about being a donor and about raising awareness.

Whats your story?  Are you an organ donor?  Do you know anyone who was or who has had a transplant?  If you are not, what is stopping you?

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