September 13, 2012

Finding {HOPE}

The theme this year over at Invisible Illness Awareness Week is:  Invisible Illness?  Share your visible hope.  And seeing as finding hope is what started this blog, I wanted to share a few moments in my journey where I found hope.

This first Halloween was the hardest. Just days after I was diagnosed.  I was feeling so horrible but this little soldier was so excited to go trick or treating.  At the end of the night, after days of carving pumpkis, painting them and a night of trick or treating, he said "I love this Halloween and I love you"

"Some day I'm gonna fly a plane.  Will you watch me mom?"

He has been planning his future since he was 3.  And I am always a part of it.  He gives me hope!

"Let me take your picture so I don't forget you while you are gone"
The moment it really hit me that Anthony really understood. I hoped he would never forget me!

Another year had passed and I found hope in making it that far.  In just a short year, I went from not knowing if my baby or I would make it.  To watching my first born grown in to his own little person and feeling so in love with my family.  There was hope to be found it everything...

In first steps
In nursing

In green ribbons
In green bracelets

 silly faces
In my family

Hope is everywhere!  In the beauty of an amazing sunrise. The sweet smell before a good rainstorm.  You will find it in the smiles and hugs from your family and friends.  And some days you will feel like its not there, but I promise, it is.   What gives you hope?

Once you choose hope, anything's possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

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