September 27, 2012

A little FUN

What do you do with your kids when you are just to sick to get out of bed?  This is probably something I have asked before.  Judging by my double Wordless Wednesdays that I posted yesterday, its clear to see that my mind is repeating itself a lot these days.  So forgive me.

One thing we love to do on bad days is have some fun on...The YouTube!  It is amazing the things you can find on there (with the supervision of adult).  We watch laughing babies, funny animals and what the boys love the most is the amazing music we find.  Music rules this house.  Its something we all love. The only weird thing is both of my boys really don't care for kid songs.  They like what David and I listen to.  So que the edited versions!  

But songs get played out so fast on the radio.  I think that is why we turn to you tube.  There are covers upon covers of our favorite songs.  Sung by all ages and backgrounds.  Its never boring.  I'm always looking for something fun and interesting to show them.  

Today I stumbled across this guy.  Super fun stuff, and a cover of a FUN song.  I cant wait to show them.  And its their favorites so double score for me!  I think I actually have video or two of their version of this song :-)

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