October 1, 2012

Must be Monday

Oh Monday, more and more I despise you.  Gone is the excitement of a new week.  This morning was rough.  Sleep was just not happening for me.  And what little sleep I did get, I somehow managed to kink my neck. Ouch!

Melisa got home at midnight.  I got up to let her in.  Anthony busted the door down at 2 to let me know he drank all his water and was taking mine.  At 3am, he came back to use my bathroom after walking right past his to come to my room.  4 am I was up after a run in with Alexanders foot left me with a bloody nose. Shortly after 5 Anthony crawled in bed and I was to tired to send him back to his own.  My alarm went off at 5:45.

The school bus usually comes around the corner by 7.  By 7:20 I had to run home and throw up.  Although I told the other mom I had to make Davids lunch.  Which was partially true.  I did need to make it, but figured I would when I got back from checking the bus stop again.  When I left the house again, she was walking back with her daughter, Anthony and 4 other girls.  Their parents had all left for work already and they had no way of getting to school.  So we walked.  Two moms and  6 kids. 2.5 miles there and back again.  Thankfully the kids were pretty excited about it.  Hopefully their parents are ok with it.   We figured it was better than sending them home alone or driving them.

I never did make Davids lunch...

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