August 26, 2012


Why is it that the one time I am really looking forward to Clinic they cancel my appointment.  I called to reschedule but I couldn't get in for another month.  I guess there is a new Dr and they dropped some of the appointments to make the day run smoother.  Um, not to be dramatic and all, but what about me!  That doesn't make my life any easier.

One of the few reasons I was looking forward to it was because David was going to go with me.  He only gets to go once a year, and the last time he went, the nurse said she was relieved to see him.  Apparently because he hadn't been coming with me, they were worried we had divorced.  Nope, he was just busting butt to pay my bills!  I think he was a little hurt by the comment.  Because he not only took 1 day off he took 3. And he most likely won't be able to get off next month. 

One of my biggest problems I have been having is weakness and pins and needles in my hands.  I can't even count how many things I have dropped because I just couldn't hold on tight enough.  I have also avoided lots of tying because my hands cramp.  (I've stopped twice so far this post).  And my knees and back.  I feel like I am 90 some days.  

I have lost my appetite, but not any weight.  I eat when I know I'm supposed to but some days I just forget, because I don't think about it.  And I've been nauseous all day, so that isn't helping any!  The day before yesterday I was dry heaving so much that I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my back. Yesterday I reminded myself to eat and I had a grilled cheese.  And that stayed down.  But then David and I went out to eat with some co-workers of his.  And I feel bad because my 25$ steak didn't even stay down for 25 minuets.  TMI!?  I'm so glad I am a quiet thrower upper.  That's a word right?

Just more stuff to go down in my little notebook.  I know there is something else, but now I cant remember what it was.  I feel sorry for the doctor I will unload this all on.  OK not really.  After all that is what they get paid the big bucks for right?  Hopefully when I do go in, I will get my favorite Dr!  While he admits that some of the other doctors have more experience than he does, he is the only one who will stay seated until I have asked him every question in my little purple journal.  And that's what makes me feel better!

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  1. Kim! So sorry to hear that they cancelled. Heart goes out to both you AND David. God bless the man that is catching your back. Team David.

    Much love,