August 27, 2012

Hello 2nd Grade!

Of all the emotions I am feeling over this day, this school year, I'm going to go with Anthony and choose Confident.  This school year is going to be one to remember.  And I hope I'm not jinxing myself now that I typed it.   I can't wait to see all the fun and adventure it will bring.

Ant had a hard time falling asleep last night.  And when I got up this morning, he was camping out on my floor...wide 5:30am!  It worked out well though.  We had lots of time to go over the class and school rules.  He had time to get all his sillies out.  And to have some breakfast, get dressed, washed up and still some time to watch some cartoons.  And I had time to get dressed and finish packing up his bag.  The morning was smooth and the cherry on top was David driving us this morning.  Even Alex was up to come along.

The day flew by though.  I managed to get some photos uploaded and saved.  A few loads of laundry done. Read some books with Alex.  Played some Tick Tac Toe, he won.  And had a nice quiet lunch just the two of us.  And now its time to get ready and head out to the bus stop to pick Anthony up.  Lets pray we don't repeat last years first day.  The one where he wasn't on the bus!!!  Fingers crossed...


  1. I can only imagine how quiet my house will be when one of my two boys are in school!

    1. It is so quiet around here now. And the best part is that they get along SO much better now that they see less of each other! Love it.