August 23, 2012

Ready. Set. School!

Its that time again.  Back to school.  Back to schedules, routines, homework,and early bedtimes.  Back to getting up before the sun comes up and dragging into bed after getting everything ready to do it all over again.  Gone are the mornings spent in my PJs, sleeping in, late night reading.  But I am super excited though.

My oldest is going to be in second grade.  Its amazing how much he has grown from a shy and scared little boy to one who is more hates being sick, not because he is sick but because he has to miss school.  I love that he loves to read.  And even when the lady at the library laughed at him for looking for a "girls" book, he insisted he like them and asked her again where he could find the Junie B Jones books.  Hey who am I to tell him not to read what makes him happy.

Tonight is meet the teacher and he is super excited.  One of his good friends will be in his class again, 3 years in a row now.  So its nice to know its not all new kids.  As much as he loves school, he still worries about it. He worries that he will be smaller than the other kids.  And now he is so much more aware of bullies, after being pushed around on the bus last year.  I am worried about putting him back on the bus, but he wants to, so we will see how it goes.

David took off the first half of the week from work.  Originally it was because I had a Liver Clinic appointment on Monday and he thew in Tuesday and Wednesday for some relaxing.  Of course in our fashion, we didn't get to relax because we were slacking on the back to school stuff.  That was hard this year.  Anthony remembered that for the last 2 years his Grandpa Jim had send him an HEB gift card so he could but his school supplies.  Then he remembered that this year would be different.  As did I.

Clothes shopping was fun though.  And before anyone judges, If you know David, you know his love for clothes. He loves shopping for the boys even more!  I get a lot of crap over how the boys wear designer clothes and nice shoes.  The boys closet is like a mini version of their Dads.  Button ups, polos and a whole lot of Ecko.  David busts his but working and deserves to wear what he wants.  And if he wants to set aside money to buy the boys their clothes, so be it.  But just to be straight, nothing is ever paid for full price.  Can we say Burlington!  As for me, I'm more an Old Navy kind of gal.  So we picked up some jeans for the boys there too.  I hate hate hate that there are no more shorts anywhere.  This is Texas people.  Shorts should always be in stock!  Just sayin!

Anyways.  Time to attack this laundry pile and get some cleaning done.  I'm hoping to make this my first project of the school year.  Should help my "little" guys feel much bigger and independent!

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