May 7, 2012

7 in 7

Another year has just slipped by.  Have I really been a mom for 7 years?  The time really does fly by when you're having fun.  This morning I watched as my little man walked up to the school doors, holding them open for a few of the kid behind him.  He turned really quick and with a big wave goodbye, he was off on his own.  I worry a lot about him.  I pray each night that the next day will be one filled with fun and love.  I pray that he isn't discouraged by his size and that he doesn't let anything hold him back.  I pray that I will have the patience to deal with his strong willed ways.  I pray he knows just how much I love him.  If I am this emotional now, I can't even imagine how bad I'm going to be when he leaves home, gets married and has kids. Not even going to think about it.  I will spend the next week reflecting at how far he has come.  He loves looking at photos from the years before.  He loves to hear stories about the things we used to do and tells me that he misses it.  But he also tells me that he loves anything we do, so hes OK with spending so much time at home as long as we are together.  He really has such a tender heart!  Love him.

Finally able to hold him!  
How could you not love this face?!
He gets his love of animals from me.
He gets his charm from his daddy :)
He is not afraid to love
Hes a great big brother!
I cant imagine my life without him :-)

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