May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Its almost midnight and it is the first time this weekend I am actually sitting in front of the computer.  It feels like its the first time I've sat all weekend.  Its not!  I am usually ready for the new week, but this weekend was just to nice to be over so soon.

We found out last week that we would not be able to adopt the dog we wanted because she was small dog aggressive and even though he thinks he is a rottweiler, Chico the Chihuahua is our first baby and that isn't a risk worth taking.  I'm so glad that the rescue puts the time into finding the right home for each dog.  We still have to do a home check, hopefully they will do it this week, because we met a lot of really nice dogs this weekend and are hoping to bring one of them home soon!

The highlight of the week was going to a blogger dinner.  It was my first time to an event like this and it was so much fun.  The bunch of ladies that were there were all so wonderful.  I was so nervous that I probably came off as a weirdo, but next time I will know what to expect.  I haven't had to introduce myself like that since, ever.  "Hi, my name is Kim..."  It was also my first time at P.F. Changs and man was the food good. The event was hosted by a wonderful lady, Lisa and was courtesy of a company called Treat.  It is a card company that will mail out your chosen and customized cards.  They have so many cards to pick from and you can even add gift cards too.  I think my favorite part is that you can schedule cards.  Considering the state of my memory these days, I am looking forward to getting a few cards done ahead of time.  That way even if I do forget, and I will, I will be covered!  And no I'm not getting paid to tell yall this, I am just super excited to have found something that I can really use!  I had such a great time.  And hopefully I wasn't a complete dork.

Now I have to prepare for a hectic week at school.   I really need to get my lab work done this week.  Should probably do it tomorrow, but a hospital just doesn't sound like that much fun to me.  Procrastination at its best. I guess first I should worry about packing lunches.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

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