May 11, 2012

Moms to sick

Last week my 6 year old looked at me and said "Moms cant get sick, they have to take care of everyone else!"  Of course he was sick and I had just tried to explain to him that we all had to go to bed and I was to tired and sick to read another story. I had just read though 4 books and the last one was purely out of memory, with my eyes closed.

He is right though.  Moms aren't supposed to get sick.  He also knows that for me getting sick on top of already being "sick" is really bad.  So for the most part he is pretty understanding.  Of course that night I ended up reading another 2 short stories, because who can deny a kid the gift of reading!  And now that he can read himself, I don't get to do all that much reading anymore.  I miss it.

With both boys getting older, its getting harder and harder for me to keep up with them when I am having a bad day.  It used to be that I could get them to crawl in bed with me and read or watch movies.  Simple arts and crafts stuff were good too.  But as my energy drops, theirs grows.  With school almost over, I have begin my search for summer time fun. Activities that are pretty easy to make or set up and will keep them busy for a little while.  With a little help from Pinterest of course!

How cute are these tiny little bows from The Brooding Hen? I know the boys will just love them.  Simple yet so much fun. 

                                                                            Source: via Kim on Pinterest

And I know we will be making these.  We have made them a few times already this year and each time the boys are out in the yard forever flying these.  Who knew straws could fly?!  We do, thanks to Allison over at All for the Boys

                                                                              Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Of course on days where I do have the energy, we will be at the pool because that tires them out like a charm.  And me too!  And now that they have a park right behind it, we will be there too.  I plan on having lots of picnics, even if it is only in the back yard.  And speaking of backyard, we need to get a tent so we can camp out there too!

What kinds of fun do you do with your kids when you are sick?  How do you entertain them and still get the rest you need to get better?  I would love some more ideas.  Lord knows I will need them!

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