December 7, 2011

Adding to the family?

  First, no, I am not pregnant.  As much as Id love to be, I think I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I more than likely will never be pregnant again.  And that is OK.  What I'm talking about is a little something more like these guys.
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Adding to the family isn't something we take lightly.  I would likely end up being the prime caretaker.  And I am sick.  As crazy as that sounds to you, I have been reassured by most of my transplant buddies, that their fur babies have been such a blessing through out their sick days.  And its not just me that wants a dog.  The boys have been wanting a dog to "love" them back.  And our 11 yr old Chihuahua just isn't the loving type. Surprisingly David is on board, but he comes with demands.  Well one demand, he wants a Great Dane.  Yes, that is all he is asking for.  
We have been spending our Saturdays at our local Petsmart with the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue. It was there David fell in love with Tucker.  Beautiful dog.  Fawn with a black mask.  Much like the first puppy  up top.  There there was Apollo, who we have been back to see twice now.  First it was just David and I and then we took the boys.  Anthony is still talking about him and I heard him trying to teach Alex how to say Apollo.  Alex calls him Ayalo.  The boys loved on another dog named Bud.  He was as tall as Anthony and boy did Anthony love him.  He was hugging him the whole time and said he was the perfect size for him to hug.  Neither of the boys were phased by the size of them.  Which was really nice to see.  Then again neither one of them are scared of any animal.  I have had to drill into their heads that some animals are not friendly or safe!

But the deal was, we have to wait till after Christmas.  No impulse puppy buying.  Chico needs to get a check up first.  Adoption or Foster only, no fancy breeder.  And it will have to be a whole family agreement.  Its not going to be an easy decision by far.  But we are all excited.  We most likely will end up fostering at first.  Its sad how many poor babies are given up, mostly because they are to big.  I guess people assume Great means Good and not huge!  

Speaking of huge, this is something we are aware of.  And something we are OK with.  Yes we know that there will be drool and slobber.  And food and vet bills.  That is all why we are taking this slow and waiting till the right time. 

I have also decided that I would like to work with animals after my transplant. Not a big surprise here! If this will be possible, I don't know.  But I will have to talk to my transplant Drs about it all.  I still have to have the dog talk with them too.  They know I already have one dog and don't seem to mind as long as I'm not dealing with the poop.  I have gloves for when I bathe him.  So I am being careful already.  I was thinking about volunteering at the shelter or with a rescue group.  But again, I have to run it by my Drs.  And hopefully they will see that doing something I'd love (with precautions) is much better than doing something I'm miserable at.  We shall see.  

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