November 30, 2011

December at last

Oh December.  I love the holidays.  Who doesn't right?  For a second there I was in a panic because I couldn't  seem to get myself in the spirit.  But today seemed to be the day that changed that.  Everyone was out of the house.  Except mom, but she was in her room all day.  So it was just me.  I got the rest of the decorations on the tree.  Got out some more decorations.  Looked online for a few gift ideas.  Then I hung up some lights in the boys room.  Figured they would enjoy that.  And they did.  Anthony fell asleep "under the stars" in no time and Alex joined him shortly after!  Now I am just going though some photos really quick before I go to bed.

Can you believe that last set of photos on my memory card were from Halloween!  That is a whole month gone by that I didn't even bother to take out my camera.  I love the camera on my phone, but I love my camera even more.  Poor baby has been neglected.  So I'm leaving her out where I can see her and use her more!  Tomorrows Advent activity is a trip to Sea World to see if Shamu celebrates Christmas.  Pray it doesn't rain.  If it does I'm sure we can find something instead.

Speaking of pictures here is my favorite shot of the night :)  Sweet Dreams!

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