October 12, 2011

A week in my life: Wednesday

Today is day 3 in A week in my life over at Adventuroo.  And it is brought to you courtesy of my ever so handy camera phone! Yes it was a lazy day today.  But its speech day for the little one and so that means, its a day full of cleaning, playtime and thats about it.  

But Im determined to stick to it.  Tomorrow I will try to be a bit more creative. I didn't keep tabs on the times.  BUT, there were smiles this morning.

Slept in again!

Apples and Hot chocolate for breakfast!

Thinking hes so cool with his coffee mug!  Its the little things :)

After we got back from dropping Ant off at school everyone one was still sleeping so I messed around with the new Facebook timeline.  Cute right!!

Hugs and kisses and hes out the door. Again.  Bye Daddy!


Looks whos awake.  Say hello Bug and Mom! I have a house full of family right now.  So be prepared for random faces.

I enjoyed a little Mickey time.  I think the dog was pretty into it too!

After dinner we had a mad cowboy running around.  And yes, hes wearing his boots too.  With a basketball outfit.  Hes classy like that!

We had spy training before Speech.  Uncle Jeff sorta made it though.  Auntie did a front flip and so she wins even if she hit the wall and pulled on the the streamers lasers down.

For Speech we played sink or float!  Alex is a water baby so anything that he can splash and get wet is good times.  And the dog loves water just as much, clearly.

Time to go get Anthony.  He must have had a good day because he even held my hand when we walked home!  YAY!

Hey look!  My little man was the only one in the class who got a 100% on his math test! Way to go buddy.  He was so proud of himself.  And he earned a nice shiny quarter for his money jar!

After a walk the boys were actually still getting along.  Posing for one last picture with funny hair!  Guess its time to hit up the barber!

So that was our day.  Nice and calm.  Only one fight and a ton of smiles!  This mom is gonna crawl in to bed now and pass out!


  1. Love the breakfast, shadow and cowboy pix! Looks like a really good day.

    I think we'll have to set up our own "lasers" here. Looks like a blast.

  2. I love the "playing spy". Too cute!

  3. I love that he wears sports clothes with his cowboy hat. So cute! When my boy gets bigger, we'll have to play that spy game with streamers!! You're so creative!

  4. So big with his coffee cup! Love the smiles. Your boys are precious

  5. Wow! There was a lot of fun going on at your house yesterday. Cowboys and Spy Training! Love the shadow shot of the hand holding. Awesomeness!!