October 14, 2011

A week in my life: Thursday

Its Thursday and day 4 of A week in my life.  Be sure to stop by Adventuroo and see what others were up to today! You know you want to!

5:45 BEEP BEEP BEEP.  I really hate the sound of my alarm!

6:00 Time to wake the beast and pray hes in a good mood!  YAY!  He smiles!

6:30 Mmmmm coffee.  But before I can even have a sip, Anthony announces he wants to ride the bus.  That should go by in 15 mins.  And that he wants a quesadilla for breakfast.  I fly around like a crazy woman.  Pouring coffee, getting him dressed, making his food, getting myself dressed, shoes, teeth and hair brushed, bag packed and we are out the door.

6:49 Made it to the bus stop!  Just in time for Ant to tell me he should have just got dropped off to school because its still so dark and creepy out!  Um I dont think so son!  Youre getting on that bus!
I talked to a mom at the bus stop.  She was telling me about a house that was broken in to.  The house...is right behind me!  I walked home freaked out and paranoid.  Looking behind me every other second!

7:15  Coffee and some catching up with the DVR.  SVU. * like*

9:00 Drop Alex off with Grandma and its off to the hospital for an appointment with my Hematologist.

9:15 Trying to find parking in the hospital parking lot is a joke.

9:20 Find a spot.  Mom said shes going to wait in the car.  I finish plucking my eyebrows.  I dont know why, but the only time I ever do my eyebrows is in the car...

9:37 I check in and am now $35 less richer poorer than I was a min ago.  Next year it goes up to $40.

9:45 They called me back and we go though the routine.  Weight?  No comment.  But I dont have a fever and my BP is 115/58.  Not to bad!

9:56 Still waiting on the Dr. *dislike*

10:03 Dr H comes in. My INR is 2.7 and I dont have to change my doses!  He goes though my notes from the transplant clinic.  Checks my lungs, my stomach, my ankles.

1:11 All done and making my next appointment.  Yes $35 for 8 mins of chit chat and a rubdown.  Next year our copay goes up to $40.  I got a hug from my lab tech who I wont see anymore since the Dr is moving to a new office.  I told the recptionist I will be sure to still stop in and say hello when Im there.  It was kind of sad.  They were there for me when I was pregnant and scared.  They prayed with me when things were so unknown. They know my boys and always ask how they are doing.  Awesome bunch of ladies.

11:00 we are home and after a quick lunch I plop down infront of the computer to catch up on a few things.

A little Jack to set the mood

12:39 Bills and menu planning all in one.

 Checked the time to Saturdays 5K. Live Life than Give Life. Are you an organ donor?

 Because there are 112,415 waiting for a second chance

Once pacific islander at Methodist with Budd Chiari and a MELD of 11-18.  THATS ME!

2:30 Pick up Alex from Grandmas and walk to the bus stop to get Ant.  I love that the InLaws are only 2 blocks away. Of course Alex fell asleep on the way home.  Time for homework and snack.

3:42 My body had just about given up on me so I crawled into bed with the laptop and watched mondays Terra Nova that I missed thanks to some baseball game!  Im a sucker for dinosaurs.

This is when things get a little cloudy.  I had to take some meds for my pain, so I have no idea what time everything happened.  We had dinner. I gave the boys thier baths.  And got back in bed.  Anthony read his story in bed with me.  Its funny how fast he can fall asleep after swearing hes not tired!  I caught up on "New Girl" and some other shows on Hulu.  Then Alex came to bed and was bouncing off the walls thanks to a late nap.

I think it was about 11 when David got home.  I warmed up his dinner and was back in bed by 12.


  1. Your thumbs up/thumbs down pictures are AWESOME!

    I love me some Jack Johnson! One of my faves!

  2. I agree -- love the thumbs up/thumbs down. Very interesting run down on your day. Happy Friday!

  3. Love your thumbs up & down pics! So cute! Like you I hate waiting forever at the dr office and handing over a fat copay for a 5 minute visit. Unfortunately I have a lot of those! Sigh!

  4. I love your day in the life post, hate what you're having to go through. So super excited to finally get to meet you tomorrow!! Sorry you lost your friends from the doctors office.