October 12, 2011

A week im my life: Tuesday

Its day 2 at Adventuroo and here is our second day of A week in my life!

I woke up early today thinking it would be nice to make Ant something warm for breakfast.  Instead of his usual pick of cereal.  Things didnt go as planned...

6:00  Rolling out of bed after hitting snooze for the last 15 mins.  Ugh.  Every night I swear I will go to bed earlier.  And every night its past 12 before I'm crawling into bed.

6:10  Time to wake up the boy.  Why is my nose running? PAUSE for bloody nose courtesy of blood thinners.  Stuff tissue up nostril and continue!

6:15  Anthony is not excited to see me this morning. As a matter of fact he spent the next 10 mins telling me that I woke him up to early and should have let him sleep

6:25 He finally realized that his plate was right in front of him.  Of course he was upset because he wanted cereal not eggs.

6:33 Poor kid is just not in the mood this morning.  He was mad because I didn't give him jammies last night and now he is cold.  But if you see last nights post, he dressed himself.  Long pants and long shirt.  He must have gotten hot and stripped down in his sleep!  At this point I'm at the end of my morning limit and tell him that he is more than welcome to wake himself up and make his own breakfast from now on.  He quietly finished his breakfast!


6:43 I am craving some oats so I cut up some apples to go with it.  Apples make everything better!

6:53 Look who finally finished eating and  getting dressed...Hes going to hate me one day for sharing this.  He is not a morning person by any means.  Maybe some cartoons will help?

7:14  Oh my apples!  Forgot about them! Got the apples done.  Lunch packed and we are out the door at

7:27 The sunrise was amazing. One of the best things about not being able to drive is that I get to notice all the little things!

7:30 Anthony was in a much better mood by the time we got to school.  He always is!  I watched as he walked up to the door.  And was reminded of just how tiny he was when the bigger kids held the doors open for him!

7:44 I get home and settle in.  Remember my oats that I started an hour ago!  Almost forgot about them.  Nothing like warm, thick oatmeal and Pinterest!

8:00 Better check on the little one and make sure D is awake!  This kid can sleep!  There is actually 2 blankets under him and then my lava lava on top.  Both boys sleep with my lava lavas.  I think some people call them sarongs!?  Anyways.  They are nice and light, I think that's why the boys covet them! Back to the computer to finish yesterdays post.

9:05 Alex is up and crying for cereal.  I know I just said he can sleep, but boy can he eat too!

9:35 Time to say goodbye to Daddy!  And that means its time to get to work.  Alex wants to watch Mickey Mouse.  Whats new.

9:50 I finally finished my post.  Hit publish. And as much as I just feel like going back to bed, I know its not gonna happen.  I miss morning naps.

10:12 My kitchen is a mess.  Why are there cookbooks and papers everywhere?  I was going to put them back where they belong but ...


What the heck happened in here?  The other day I was talking to David about buying a set of holiday dishes but I had no space for them.  He then proceeded to show me that my kitchen cabinets have more junk than dishes in them.  There is no time like now to get it done!  And maybe with the extra space I can go shopping!

10:23 Finally finished cleaning out the cupboard and clearing off the counter tops.  Alex was playing so quietly so I figured I would get some more online things done.

11:24 I sent out emails, posted on Facebook and twitter and took a picture too!  I am doing the Donate Life 5K again this year and there are 4 now 3 days left to sponsor me and help me raise money for the cause!  Considering I am on the liver transplant list myself, this is one of the few ways I try to give back ever year.  Last year I raised 500.  At this point I had 40 and by the end of the day I was up to almost 200 I think!


11:31 Does anyone with an Ipad have this game?  Its actually my bothers, but Alex loves this game.  Its like patty cake with a giraffe.  Its so hard and addicting.  I laid on the couch for a hour just trying to make this darn thing happy.  But I'm not quite fast enough!  Sad panda giraffe.


12:24 Gone are the days of walking out the door with no make up on.  Dark circles and red patches have turned me into a girl!  Nothing wrong with it, but most people who know me know that I'm not a make up type of girl.  Or I wasn't anyways.  The night before, David came home and said I looked different.  Refreshed.  As soon as I washed my face for bed, he figured out my trick!

1:01Time to go to the hospital for my labs.  Yes this kid is giddy with excitement.  He loves the hospital.

1:06 To bad he passed 5 mins into the drive.  And slept though the whole thing!

1:28 Hello needle.  I am so used to this by now. My sister thinks its funny that everyone in the office knows me and asks about the boys! I think its funny she was able to take this pic and not pass out!

1:31 Stopped by the courtyard. Isnt it beautiful!
2:17 Back home and me being the genius that I am decided Id take a quick nap...

2:40 Time to go get Ant from the bus stop.  I always take him a water.  This time I switched it up and put it in the mailbox when I check the mail.  Then let him "check the mail".  He was confused...very confused.  But it lightened the mood!


3:38 Homework time.  Anthony gets frustrated with me because I keep erasing and asking him to write better. Afterwards its snack time!  Alex wakes up just in time for some Nutella toast!


4:27 Time to burn off some of that energy. I spotted a caterpillar in the grass and that turned in to the most awesome part of the day.  The boys were so intrigued by this thing.  And its so cute to hear them say it. What is it?  A caddipitter, tapidipper, callipidder?  Alex settles for worm, easier to say!  And Anthony make it a home in his old bucket.

4:45 The caterpillar was tired so they left him alone to play so B Ball.  That lasted a whole 5 mins before it was back to check on their new pet.  Which them tuned ugly and they were sent to time out!

5:10 I love how fast they forgive each other!  Back to being best buds in no time.

5:21 My bother Jeff has so graciously decided to cook dinner this week, but us ladies helped him out.  Melisa and I were in charge of potatoes!  While mom cooked the chicken.  Wait  who made dinner ;-)

5:58 Cinderella!!!  The floor needed a good scrub.

6:37 Alex and Anthony enjoyed dinner.  And Chico laid in wait for someone to drop something!  Alex is rocking those boots!  True cowboy right there!

7:15 Running a few mins behind, but that doesn't mean bath time cant be fun and fast!  Bubbles were everywhere.

8:00 Bedtime and I was drained.  Anthony read his reading homework and then I read to him.  I thew some clothes in the washer and upload to photos for todays post.  The fun part was getting them off my camera, the little camera and my phone!

9:13 Oops, I forgot my meds!  AGAIN!  Better late than never!

10:00 And I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer.  Ok done.  I had to check my watch because David would be home soon and I hate to have the dryer running when he is ready to go to bed.

10:50  I hear the garage door as soon as I open the dry to take the clothes out.  Thew them on the couch real quick.  I meant to fold them right away but ended up making David something to eat.  And catch up with him.

11:23 Thank you Bug for folding thoes clothes for me!  Sisters rock :)

Crawled into bed a little after midnight.  Closed my eyes.  The last thing I remember is hearing the shower shut off.

*Wow there are a lot more pictures than I planned on*


  1. I love how you captured all those shots.. the first shot of your grumpy boy was priceless!

  2. Kim you are such an amazing young woman, but I have known that for a long time. I loved the pictures and your comments.