October 17, 2011

A week in my life: The weekend

OK I'm going to be honest and say that by Friday I felt like just saying 5 days was enough.  My photos seem pretty boring and I didn't want to bore everyone with the random things we do all day.  But then I started thinking about my 30 days photo challenge fail and decided even if the pictures I had were not the most amazing, I was going to finish all 7 days.

The only problem was after the 5K my body just about gave out on me.  Just another sign that I need to pay better attention to it.  After a week of only a few hours of sleep it all caught up to me.  So this post is a little later than usual.  And since most of the weekend was spend in bed, these photos are all edited though a program on my phone.  I kinda feel like I'm cheating putting the two together but I'm a rebel like that :)

Saturday was the Vital Alliance Donate Life 5K.  Its not very often you find the whole house up at 6am.  But  that day I walked out of my room and my brother had every ones coffee cups filled and ready to go!  The Sunrise that morning was amazing. I guess my eyes were still foggy because out of 5 shots, this one was the best.

When we got there we made our way though the crowd and got our bags!  Bright green.  Did you know that green is the awareness color for Organ Donation?  Some might not think its the prettiest color but I love these little bags.  And we wear them when we go on bike rides.  They are are great bag/reflectors!

I didn't even think to take pictures during the walk.  Last year I had a ton.  David pushed the stroller and I snapped away.  This year I pushed and talked.  My sister walked with me this year.  As well as a new friend.  Well I shouldn't say new because we have been chatting between Twitter, FB and our blogs for I think almost 2 years now.  I was a little star struck.  If you guys don't know Stacy, you are missing out.  I have never met anyone with a heart as big as hers.  Stop by Kids Stuff World and you will see what I'm talking about! Stacy and 2 of her little ones walked with us.  After the walk we joined Anthony and the rest of the group at the park for a little play time!  The best part of the walk was the end when Alex got out of the stroller and ran to the finish line.  There was a line of cheerleaders cheering him on!  He loved it!

David reminded me that last year I said we were going to run the race.  One of these days we will!  But I was just thankful to still be healthy enough to finish it!  David had to work late the night before so he got to stay and play on the playground, so I reminded him that he has no room to talk ;-)  And look I even got a picture of him.  I love this man!
picplz 2011-10-15 11

On the walk back we stopped to check out the lily pads and take a picture.  Anthony wasn't in the best of moods and was in tears by the time we got back to the car, but Id like to think it was a really nice morning.   Being on the transplant list and living with liver disease or any for that matter, is a lonely road.  But being surrounded by hundreds of others who know what I'm going thought or have gone though it already reminds me that I am not alone!  Family time together, supporting me and Donate Life is just what I needed!

5 mins into the ride and everyone was asleep.  And since you can really see it in the picture, I got a video:)

When we got home, everyone was starving and exhausted.  We all went straight to our beds and stayed there till the middle of the afternoon!

We did manage to go grocery shopping and got our painting pumpkins.  Anthony is excited to have his cousin Ace over to paint pumpkins with him! I think it was the first night I was the first one in the house to go to bed!  I was that tired.

Sunday morning was brought to me by Peets Coffee and some magazine browsing.  Mom mad a huge breakfast.  Which after such a tiring Saturday we all very much appreciated!

The rest of the day was spend lying around.  Melisa had orientation for her new job!  Way to go Bug. I'm so excited for her! Before I knew it we were gathered around the table having dinner.  Nothing to fancy.  Tuna subs and fries.  But I was to tired to make a big dinner.  I know it doesn't show here but Alex was thrilled to get to eat at the big table.  Guess its time to get a booster seat.  Until now the boys have enjoyed eating together at their table.  They like it there.  And the floor in the kitchen is more kid friendly so I never pushed it.

Thank you all for sticking with me this week.  I have learned a lot though this project.  I have done days in the life, but never a whole week.  I will post later about all the things I found our lives later.  But for now I just have to say thank you to Melissa over at Adveturoo for putting this together!  It was so much fun!


  1. You did it!! Woohoo! Don't know what "boring" pictures you are referring to. That picture of you & your hubby is just gorgeous... you can totally feel the love you share. Just imagine how much *that* picture will evolve over the years.

  2. Congrats on running the 5k! I would have been wiped too!

    And you walked with Stacy? I adore her!

    I agree with Kelly-- that's such a sweet picture of you too. Hope you frame that work.

    Thanks for sticking with the entire week (and it's totally cool doing the weekend as one). It was great to get a peek in your life and I look forward to seeing your wrap up post!