October 11, 2011

A week in my life: Monday

I'm participating in Adventuroo's "A Week in My Life" project. Just in case you ever wondered what I really do all day.  And maybe prove to some that I do actually do things while you're at work David during the day.  Or not...

Today was a holiday so I slept in. Hubs was getting ready to leave for work at 9 so I got up.  Of course Ant was happy to get to see him for once on a Monday morning.  Usually he is either gone or still asleep when we leave for school.  We both begged David to make his breakfast.  What?  It was just a bowl of cereal.  Nothing to demanding for a man that is already running late because I needed more hugs and forgot to make his lunch.  I was not at all prepared for the day and thats never a good sign.  

9:44  Breakfast is served. We have morning meds with a side of apples and peanut butter.  And water to wash it all down.  The pink pill is my Xifaxan, paired with my daily dose of lactulose will help me get rid of the toxins that cause my encephalopathy.  And the white pill is my probiotic.  Ill spare you the side effects, but lets just say for the next few hours, I was busy.  


By 12 I was feeling better.  My meds had for the most part run their course.  And I had some lunch.  The boys were outside with the rest of the family.  Riding bikes and playing games.  I decided to clean out my junk drawers in attempt to be somewhat productive.

1-3 pm was spent going though all the things I had just pulled out of the drawers.  I found the little folder/calendar that I had while I was pregnant with Alex.  Going though all the months and remembering each and every appointment was a trip.  There was a happy face next to the day we had our big ultrasound. The day the Dr told us I was carrying another boy and that while he was perfect, she suspected I had a problem with my liver.  Oh the memories.  I found this tucked in the front pocket.  A list of names, their meanings and US pics! We didn't use any of the names.


And to set the mood we have a little Wyclec on Pandora.  The song.  Call 911...

Next thing I know its 3pm and Alex is still going out side.  For a second I though about just letting him play and put him to bed early.  But then I remembered we did that last night and it was a nightmare!  So nap time it is. I think I was more tired that he was.


I know I told my sister to wake me up in a hour.  I know she came in and got Alex when he woke up.  And I know I woke up at least twice because I could feel her staring at me.  And I know it was 6 when I finally got out of bed. Days like this I am beyond thankful to have a house full of people.  Dinner was already  cooking.

After dinner  it was in the bath and then time to get ready for bed.  Figured I would save the bath time fun for another day.  So here is bedtime!

8:17Ant is ready for bed.  Dressed himself and everything ;-)

Alex had different plans.

8:35 and we are still reading.  We have read this book a thousand times and each time he asks a thousand questions.  And every time he laughs at the silly words.  And at me when I fumble them.

This is the last pic of the day.  The next few hours were spent trying to watch TV but everything was half recorded thanks to some baseball game.  No Terra Nova.  So we figured we would watch CSI but that was the last half of The Good Wife and only the first 20 mins of CSI.  But guess what did record all the way.  Hawaii 5-0 so the night wasn't a total bust.

Stay tuned to tomorrow and see what goes on.  Hopefully it will be more than a bunch of sleepy pics!


  1. The picture of you napping with your little one is so sweet! I'd frame that one, if I were you :) You are very blessed to have a house full of people, as you said. I long for the days where I could take a long nap undeterred. I'll be back tomorrow to see what you've been doing today :)

  2. Really wonderful pics!!!!! :D

    Love the napping and reading ones the best.

  3. I love the napping picture... OMG so sweet!

    And the boys playing around on the bed. My boys NEVER stop is seems. I just love seeing brothers chumming around.