June 20, 2011

Party of Five

Things are always crazy around here.  But they are about to get crazier.  On Friday we become a family of five!  No I'm not having a baby, but my first baby is moving in with us.  And by first baby I mean my little sister.  I'm excited, worried and happy all in one.

Actually right about now she should be at the airport leaving.  Leaving behind the only home she has ever known.  She is the baby of the family.  A few days in Hawaii and then she will be all mine.  Its like getting another kid, except one that I don't have to nurse or change diapers!  I will however have to make sure she does all that she can to be a successful adult.  So I guess I used her to practice my mommy skills when she was little and now I'm using her as a test run for when the boys are about to leave home! But most of all I'm just glad I will have someone to talk to!  Like face to face.  Don't get me wrong, I love you all, but to actually have someone here to see physically.  I'm thrilled.  Id I will have real conversations.  I don't know if I can handle being asked to talk to the boys imaginary friend much longer.

She is also going to be my back up blogger.  I asked her to take over and update the blog when I finally do go in for transplant or get sick and what not.  And she will be my photographer too :)  I want to see all the things I don't remember about it all.  Anyways, I still have to clear out her room.  Which is now being used as a Storage/ Junk room. 4 more days!!!

And just for fun, Here is us 11 years ago.  This is the Bug I still see when I look at her. Even though just a few weeks ago she stood with out me, in her own cap and gown!

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