June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I love days like today. That celebrate something so incredible. I mean really what is more amazing than being someone's daddy. Well besides being a momma;-)

This morning I told him happy fathers day and he said it back to me. I laid there for a second confused, trying to figure out if he was being sarcastic or making fun of me. (When my brother wished me Happy Mothers Day, I wished him the same!) But he said that I was the one who should get to celebrate because he is always working and not home very often. Ofcourse I told him he was crazy. That is one of the things I think make him an awesome dad. Everyday he gets up and goes to work. He's works himself sick, day in and day out. 8, 10 and sometimes 15 hours a day. What says Good Father better than a man who works hard provides for his family?! So yes, at times it feels like I'm a single mother at times, but my boys have never been without a Father. Anthony's card to David read: Dear Dad, Thank you for wurkin very hard so we can have muney. Happy Fathers day. Love Ant and Lex. On the other side was a drawing of the 3 of them holding hands! He knows his daddy loves him even if he's away at work a lot. The other thing about David that I absolutely love is that he shows his affection. He takes all the hugs and kisses with a smile. He never turns them down. And he never discourages them from doing what makes them happy. Our boys love to cook and cuddle. Hearing him tell our boys that he loves them makes me love him even more.

And let's not forget my Daddy! If you would have told me 12 years ago that he would be one of my greatest friends, I would have laughed till I cried. Little did I know it would be his calls that make the day all better! They do! We could talk for hours about weather, food, health, everything. The truth is, I love the man. I see now that there was a reason he was chosen to be my Father. It was a hard ride getting to that realization, but its been nice being here! I feel like we have only gotten closer this last year. We are bound by blood. Bad blood. Literally. I inherited my blood disorder from him. The one that led to the clot in my liver, that led to my needing a liver transplant. Am I angry at him for it...not a chance. I see now that it all happened for a reason. He just recently made it through his first cancer treatments. Last month he was given the all clear. Tumor free! It was heart wrenching to not be there with him. But now we have yet another thing to talk about. And when I tell him that I have that ball of fear in my gut, he understands. When I tell him I can't remember things, he doesn't judge me. And when I tell him I feel like just giving in, he can say he knows how I feel and I know its the truth. I believe all the trouble we had when I was growing up has led to this experience. No he's not perfect. Yes Id like for him to be, but I love him for who he is. I love you Dad! You were right. Now that I'm older and have a family of my own, I understand. Thank You for for everything!

So yeah. Now that I got that out, time for bed! Thank You God for giving me my father and my husband. Thank You for all the other good Daddys out there that love and provide for their children. Please help the lost fathers realize just how much they are needed and loved. And help them be better for their children! Amen
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