March 28, 2011

Winning weekend

I love weekends. Yes I know its Monday and technically the weekend was over yesterday, but Mondays are like my catch up day. You know, for the laundry I didn’t finish on Saturday or the grocery list I didn’t write on Sunday. No? Maybe its just me, but Mondays aren’t that bad.

This weekend was another good one. I am trying so hard to be grateful for weekends like these. But its like the black cloud that is Liver Disease just keeps finding me. My umbrella from the storm is always my boys. Even though they have been know to cause hurricanes for me too. When push comes to shove, they are everything I live for. No matter how hard the week is, our weekends make up for it easily.

The big fun this weekend. Riding a bike. Not me, I was asked to stay off a bike for now. But that doesn’t mean I cant teach Anthony how to ride one. Yes I know many kids his age are already riding with out training wheels. We had 2 things holding us back. My lack of energy and his unwillingness to get a helmet. He refused to even try them on. And the only time I did manage to get one on his big ole noggin, it was for an 8 year old. It fit, but I wasn’t sold on the idea. Neither was he. So we waited. Then finally Saturday he mentioned it. Within minuets we were in the car and on the way to the store. I wasn’t going to give him time to change his mind. We found one, for 5 year olds that fit and was pretty cool. It even came with a free hot wheel car. Double win!

Sunday morning we spent out by the school.. No traffic out there so it was nice. But boring. David wanted to shoot some hoops so we headed to the park, but that place was packed.. So next stop, another park with room to run and ride. I needed to raise Anthony’s seat but some how ended up just taking the training wheels off and convincing him it was OK. I explained to him that he was going to fall a few times and that it was going to be a little hard. But we both promised him that he could do it. And sure enough, after a little bit of bickering between David and him, he got it. I heard his little voice screaming. “Im doing it” And I turned around to see my baby riding his bike. Of course then he tumbled over the handle bars. But he got right back on and this time went for even longer.

And of course its all he has talked about today. I even had to print a photo for him to take to school and show everyone. He looks so small on the bike. We have had it for 2 years, but hes just now riding it. Guess someone is getting a new bike for his birthday!

I am so proud of him. He was so afraid and yet so determined to get it. I like to thing that I can be as brave as him. I am so afraid of getting sicker. Even knowing that only then will I get better. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to the next one!!

Ant Bike

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  1. Will be praying for you, your family and for your peace. Really nice to read of the fun times you've had over the weekend but really feel for you with the worries with your health. I'll be praying that the donor will be there right when it is the perfect time for you.

    Take care x