April 1, 2011

Do I look like I need a liver?

Yes, today is April 1st. Or as many call it April Fools Day. But for me and around 110,000 others today is something else. Something bigger than jokes and pranks. Something very close to our hearts. Or in my case Liver. Yes, today is April 1st. The first day of Donate Life Month!

If you were only a stranger, passing me on the street or in the store. Or if you were a telemarketer or hell, a bill collector, they call me all the time. You would never guess that I am on the Liver Transplant list. Most people when I tell them have the same come back. “But you look fine” And yes its true, I am still able to function on my own. I am not lying in a hospital bed with tubes everywhere. I am not in a wheelchair. I still smile. I take care of my kids. I laugh and love just like anyone else. For the most part.

But on the inside I am not fine.  My liver is swollen with blood.  It hurts.  It doesn't filter out the toxins in my blood so they travel to my brain leaving me confused and unable to concentrate.  Slowly I am getting sicker and sicker.  I live each day as its the last.  Praying that my family knows just how much they mean to me.  And and that my children don't forget me or how much I loved them.  Each night I give hugs and kisses.  I always say I love you when hanging up the phone.  I remember the good times and I forget the bad...

There is nothing else I can do.  But there is something you can do.  Please take a few minuets to stop by the Donate Life website and register to be an organ donor.  Ask your friends and family to do the same. 

So what is someone on the transplant list supposed to look like? Like me :-)


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  1. What a great post. You are always doing so much for your family that I forget...I wish I could grow an extra liver and give you one. Beautiful photo.