March 21, 2011

Just for a day

Today was the first normal day in a very long time. Today my mind was clear, and for a few hours I forgot that my body was failing me. The thought of my one day liver transplant didn't cross my mind. All the little voices that tell me to slow down were quieted by giggles and laughter. Yes, today was a wonderful day.

We spent our last day of spring break getting hair cuts and park hopping. We started out at the duck pond. But they were all stuffed so we headed over to another park nearby. The boys had a blast on the slides. And running in the fields. They were mesmerized by the kites in the sky. We even took a walk down the the lake to skip rocks. We spotted cactus and birds. Anthony and I talked about tadpoles and planned our next trip. Next time we will bring a picnic:-)

I was just a normal mom. Laughing, running and exploring with my family. I wish I had more days like today. Now I'm settled into bed and the pain is slowly returning. The throbbing in my side and the tingling in my swelling ankles. But it was worth it. For a few hours life was worry free...pain free. And I was the old me!

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