January 24, 2011

2 little pills

I will start by saying that I have been drunk many times in my life. Grated, alcohol is NOT the cause of my liver disease. But never in my life have I felt like I did the other night. And that was without ANY alcohol.

When I went to visit my Dr last week we decided to up my dose from 150mg of Trazodone to 200. Not a big difference right. Instead of struggling to split one of the pills, I could just take 2. I had had a horrible week of sleep due to sick kids, and was dying for some good sleep. So I decided that I would take 2 pills on Saturday night, since David was home and could get up with the boys. One kid was sleeping already so I figured it was the perfect time. Swallow. Down goes the sleepy meds.

An hour later, I am crawling up the stairs. It hit me half way up. The horrifying part was I was carrying the baby. So, I put him down and held his hand so he could walk up by himself. I did not want to drop him. I tried to call for help, but nothing would come out. I knew if I could just get to the top of the stairs and shut the gate, we would be OK. Got there. Shut the gate. The whole time, my ears had gone out. You know that sound, like your underwater. Yeah. I crawled to the bathroom. I felt like I was going to vomit from all the spinning. It was like I was completely drunk. More than I have ever been in my life. And that’s a lot!

When I got to the bathroom, I was trying so hard to send David a text for help, but I couldn’t even hold my phone. I blacked out on the bathroom floor. When I came to, I was sitting on the pot. David was asking me what the hell I was doing. I remember telling him that I was just going to go to bed now. I woke up the next morning, no hangover!! And while I felt very rested. Enter the ever so famous words. “Im never doing that again!”
**And just for the record, I don't ever take my sleepy meds unless someone is home with me ;)**

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