January 27, 2011

Still "Stable"

Today was my follow up at the liver clinic. My appointment was at 1. Yes I'm still here. That's one of the downfall of a failing liver. No driving. A cab would be almost 50$. So I'm hanging out till David gets off work.

So, I'm not super thrilled about today appointment. I saw a new Dr today. He seems cool, but no offence to him, I miss Dr O. I feel rushed. The other guys don't even go through my charts. They don't ask about my encephalopathy and they don't give me time to ask my questions. Today the Dr left the room and I though he was coming back...he didn't. It's kinda like going through your whole pregnancy with one Dr, only to have the on call deliver your baby. I hate change. Nothing else is constant in my illness, I want my Dr back!
I am coming back tomorrow morning for another Liver hopper and abdomen ultrasound. Easy stuff. But I think I will schedule an appt to see my GI, just for the sake of seeing someone who's been with me from the beginning of this journey! Is that weird? Probably, but that's just me:)

The problem is that I've been having a bit more pain than usual. Mostly after eating. And my last MRI showed gall stones. He wants more detail. He did say that having surgery to remove them would be very risky and be more problematic in the long run. He did explain in detail why a shut is not an option for me. He said that my veins are clotted very badly and my IVC, has also been damaged. So for now, there is enough blood getting to my heart. My liver functions are still very good considering too. So more waiting. For now I'm "stable".
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