July 13, 2010

Vacation update

Well we are officially into week 2 of vacation. I don't want it to be over. Its been so nice to see my family. Even if its only 3 out of how many?!? My oldest hasn't seen his Bubu {grandma} in 3 years and his Grandpa and Aunt in a year.

We tried to pack in some good fun while they have been here, but have mostly spent the time chilling and talking. And playing the new Wii. We are on a S'mores and Popsicles diet. OK not really, but they are perfect snacks for summer. Took a trip to Sea World. Good times. We also drove out to the Wildlife ranch, which was quite the experience and I cant wait to go back again. We also went to the Riverwalk. Go figure we are there during an Anime convention. That was beyond interesting.

We have made so many more memories in such a little time. I just hope that the boys remember all the good fun we have had. And not so much of the bad! I will miss them when they leave. But I'm glad to know that my little sister is going back for her last year of high school and then will enter the real world. I'm excited, thrilled and so proud of her. She is the last of the kids to leave home. I look forward to watching her create a life of her own, no matter where it is. I love this kid :)

*I have so many stories to share, but I'll do that later. Going to enjoy the last few days. I hate that it has to be over so soon!

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