July 18, 2010

Liver Clinic Appt

I had my first visit at the liver clinic after officially being on the transplant list.  Not much changed.  The nurses and Dr. O are still amazing.  I took Melisa, my younger sister with me since David had to work.  I'm getting used to going into my appointments alone, but the Ive always had someone with me at clinic. 

So let see whats new...

I have officially entered the world of ascites.  Or fluid in the belly.  Dr. says its not to the point where he wants to prescribe water pills, but he drilled me on the whole low sodium diet.  I haven't been super strict about it.  I have kept it below 2000, but I will be aiming for under 1500mg now.  I have been fluctuating 10lbs so I also will have to keep a weight diary.  I'm not even going to tell you all how much I weigh, but I could stand to lose a few pounds.

We also talked about H.E and how it seems to be worse after eating red meat.  He suggested I go back and talk with the dietitian again.   last time we talked about sodium intake.  He suggested getting my protein from veggies instead of meat.  Tofu here I come :)  If anyone has a good meat free recipes, feel free to pass them my way.  Or any more fish recipes. Right about now I'm really missing being able to walk a few blocks an catch my own dinner. So really, if you have something good, Id love to try it. 

What else was there.  Ohhh.  OK, So when I had my transplant evaluation, I had to get the OK from a psychologist.  This was one of the parts of the eval that had me shaking in my space boots. I'm not crazy or anything, but my life hasn't always been "normal".  But that appointment went well.  Why is this important.  Because Dr O had asked about mood swings and depression.  The usual questions.  And I told him that I'm pretty sure I'm not depressed,  just really really stressed.  And that landed me an appointment with who I'm assuming is the husband of the psychologist.  Same last name, but he is a psychiatrist.  Good one Kim.  Takes me back to my therapy in 5th grade.  That was rough.  But you do what you gotta do right. I just keep telling myself that what I am going through isn't as simple as I like to pretend it is.  And that there is nothing wrong in getting help, it will only make me better right?!

I also got some new meds.  Switching from Lactulose to Krystalose.  Supposed to be easier on my tummy.  Activa, because sadly, swallowing a pill is more normal to me than eating a activia yogurt everyday. Plus I have to pick up some zinc and Metamucil.  I hear they have tasty crackers. Yummy. 

So that was that.  And I don't have to go back for 3 months if there is no complications.  So, Id say aside from the having to see a shrink, loads of meds and the low sodium bit, it was a good appointment.  Oh and the fair warning that how I am doing now is nothing compared to how bad its going to get when I really get sick.  Joy...

Much Love
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  1. Keep it up... I know you can do it!! Watch that diet, but know that it is the nature of the disease... NOT your fault. It does get tough when they start you on diuretics... one and then two (usually Aldactone then Lasix), and even tougher when they start tapping your fluid, you feel about 15 months pregnant... BUT still, it is doable, YOU can do it (if it comes down to that)
    PS... drink lemon water, lemon tea...etc, it helps the swelling too.