May 17, 2010

Cankles, Bruises and Smiles

This past Friday my baby turned 5 and all he wanted for his birthday was to go to the beach and stay in a hotel. The weather was awful, so we weren't going to go. But then last min, we changed our minds. Typical us! How could we not. It was all he wanted. And while it cost more than any present we could have gotten him, the memories we made, were worth every last penny we spent. Living for today and making everyday count!

We stayed right on the beach. The Radisson on Corpus is beyond fantastic. I don't think we could stay anywhere else now. The back steps take you right down to the beach. The restaurant is great. We had a shrimp, pasta and salad buffet for lunch before leaving! Yum! And their burgers are good too! They have a cute little souvenir shop and the pool has a wet bar. We will save that for our adult only trip! They also have a bar on the 3rd floor. Not really beneficial for me, but I know David would enjoy it there.

We could see the USS Lexington from our balcony. Both boys though that was awesome. I wasnt sure what to expect when we went in, but it was really cool. And so many references to Kwajalein were there. Made me realize how cool it is to be born and raised in the middle of nowhere! When I was younger I could care less about history, but now that I am older I love that I can tell my sons, see that up there, that's where I am from. And the Aquarium was a blast! We got to touch hermit crabs and stingrays. We saw turtles, otters, jellyfish and all other kinds of things. We especially loved the playgound they have. It was separated by age group so there was something for everyone. So much learning this weekend. About animals, WWII and about each other.

This was our first vacation as a family. We have always had other family members with us before. And now that I am pretty much tied to the hospital, we weren't really sure we should go. But I am so glad we did. I had a whole weekend of watching my boys laugh and run and smile like I have never seen before. David and I got to just be us. And we got to just do whatever we felt like on our own time. I am paying for all the walking we did. My ankles are swollen. Dont know how I managed to bruise hips and back. I was worth it all though. Next time I'm getting a wheelchair. Or an electric scooter. That would be perfect!

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