May 11, 2010

The moment I became a mom

It was 5:14 am.  For the last two days I had been trying to avoid that very minute.  Secretly I was afraid that I was going to fail.  That I wouldn't know what to do once he was really here.  A moment I had been waiting for, for many years.  I had dreamed about the perfect pregnancy, labor and delivery.  This was not it at all.  Then the Dr shouted something about the cord.  "The cord is to tight!"  "Sorry Dad the cord is just to tight"  And within seconds I caught a glimpse of the backside of a baby as he got passed thought into the NICU window.  His body was limp, lifeless.  He had a full head of jet black hair.  That was my baby, I was a mom. I knew in my heart he was meant for me. 
It wasn't able to go in and see him right away.  Apparently I had hit my epidural button one to many times:)  We asked the nurse if she could take a picture of him since we couldn't make it in there.  She was skeptical, but she did.  When she came back she told us that things weren't as bad as they looked.  This was the first good look I got of my baby.


A few hours later we walked down the long hallway to the NICU.  Scrubbed our hands and walked through the doors.  Before I knew it I was sitting in a chair and the nurse was handing me my baby.  In that moment I knew everything would be OK.  That was the moment I became a mom. He was so tiny and there were cords and wires everywhere.  But he fit perfectly in m arms.  He calmed down in my arms.  He was, I was, right were we belonged. 



  1. That was a beautiful and uplifting post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Lovely baby and Mommy story.