May 24, 2010

Paperwork, Deadlines & Meetings OH MY

It seems I hardly ever turn on the computer anymore. I guess I could blog from my phone, considering I do everything else from it anyways. What ever did we do before before smart phones? Anyways things have been the usual crazy around here.

Friday we had our pre-hearing meeting with our lawyer. Pretty much we went over who would be in the room, what to wear. We also went though my medical reports from all my Doctors and went over my medications, symptoms and reasons for not being able to work. Dr O, my transplant Doctor clearly stated that he feels I am 100% disabled because of the Hepatic Encephalopathy. I had heard him say it. And I know it is true, but to hear someone say I am not to be relied upon, kinda hurt my feelings. I mean its good because it will help my case, I hope, but no one wants to be called unreliable. I know it doesn't mean that I'm completely useless, but as far as working, I just cant right now. I hate that I'm put in the position to need help, and I hate asking for help, but the truth is, without it, I don't know what I am going to do. My hearing isn't until the 25th of June and I'm praying it doesn't take that long to come back with a decision. My social worker suggested I write out my medications and the way they affect me on a daily basis. And they point out how that would prevent me from working. I'm going to be doing that this week too.

I also got word back from Food stamps. Another thing I thought I would never have to ask for. We have gotten so far off of the road we planned to travel. Anyways, seeing as all our money goes towards bill and more bills, we decided to see if we would be approved for food stamps. At first I couldn't believe I was even thinking about it. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't taking away from anyone else who needs it more than I do. But now I just tell myself that we need this just as much as others. I am over the gasps of people who cant believe we applied. Unless you want to buy my groceries, feel free to keep your comments to yourself. Thank You! So we faxed in the paperwork today, I called and double checked that they got it. And now we wait, yes more waiting, and hopefully we get approved. For how much? No clue. But at this point any money I don't have to spend on food is money I can spend on medication. I had to get over my pride and ask for the help. If you need it, ask for it! That's what its there for right?!

I have also been going though my medical bills and taking a real close look at them. I suggest you do this when you get the bill. I found 2 bills in which the insurance didn't pay their part. I had to call and ask why. Thankfully they were great about it and are going to be paying it. That really helps. I also noticed the price difference between scopes done at the hospital and at the endoscopy center. The last one I had done, I chose to do it at the hospital because it was closer and my inlaws could drive me. My first one was done at the Endo Center. The hospital bills are so much higher. More than what we would have lost it David had taken the day off. Shoot the bills were more than he makes in a week, and that was just the hospital portion. Still waiting on a bill from the Anesthesiologist and Dr H. The thought of not being able to pay my hospital bills eats at me. I hate it, but what can I do. Maybe they have a buy 2 get one free special next time I go in?!? Ill be sure to ask!

The other thing I have been doing is checking the price difference between ordering my medication at CVS and online though my insurance. We have a Caremark plan though our insurance to pay for medication. And the amount I save if I go through them is amazing. I don't know why I didn't do it before. Plus I get 90 day supply instead of only a 30! So there is just another thing you might want to check!

I hope you are all had a great weekend. Sending spoons to my spoonies and hugs to you all!

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