June 2, 2009

next up

Well I finally went back to se my primary Dr. today. I saw him once while I was pregnant and before I was diagnosed and shit hit the fan. So needless to say, we had some catching up to do.

We talked about what other doctors I was seeing and what medications I was taking. I was dreading getting on that table. I was still mentally debating weather or not I was going to bring up my pain. But I did. And look where that got me!

Tomorrow I go in for a X ray and ultrasound of my Gallbladder. He is pretty sure that is what is causing the pain. I was sure it was my liver, but I guess its a good thing that it isnt. I also had labs done to check my thyroid. Hopefully we can get answers as to why my hair is falling out too!

So no solids after midnight and hopefully I will hear something by tomorrow.

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