May 20, 2009

Im high

So got a call this afternoon from my hematologist. My INR is 3.7 and he is very nervous with it being that high. I am not supposed to be over 2. Last time I got checked I was 1.7 and that was perfect. So now I have to hold my meds tonight and my dose went from 12-11. For now anyways. Just another example of how things are always changing. FUN FUN FUN.

Did I mention that my hair is falling out. And Im not talking like a few strands here and there. Im talking like hair on my pillow, falling out in the shower, God forbid I brush my hair. And now I have thin patches of hair, where you ask?!? Right on the front of my head!!

But what can I do. Gotta take my meds no matter what they do to me because the outcome from not taking them is far worse than anything that taking them could cause.

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